Collective Exhibition "Culture of Aging" - Malta, Sep 2015

 ‘The Culture of Ageing’ is about how societies deal with an ageing population, and what role seniors have in various societies. The exhibition project delves into the Maltese context, while relating it to other cultures through an approach based on various angles and perspectives.
Yet the project is not simply about ageing and seniors. Seniors are themselves fundamentally involved in the shaping and ongoing formation of the project, through past interviews,  an educational programme wherein Maltese and Dutch seniors exchange post-cards, a film and lecture programme, and exhibition tours provided for senior citizens and by senior citizens.

Participating artists include:

Adrian Abela,  
Michael Apted,
Femke Bakker,  
Kristina Borg,  
Vince Briffa,  
Gilbert Calleja,  
Azahara Cerezo,  
Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson,
 Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Bettina Hutschek,  
Trevin Matcek,  
Ferhat Özgür

Curated by:  
Lennard Dost and 
Mare van Koningsveld

This exhibition is produced through the collaboration of  Valletta 2018, Leeuwarden 2018 and the Centre for Creativity at St James Cavalier, and partnered with CareMalta, Seniors Helping Seniors, ERIBA, International Institute on Aging (United NationsMalta).

Location: St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity (Main hall - Meditation Area)
Vernissage: 31st of August, 8pm
Open until Sunday 27th September 2015