"Stories from the City" with Diana Artus

Opening: 9th of June at 7pm
On view: till 8th of July

Before Exhibition Gallery
1061 Budapest, Hegedu str 3.  A.1.11

Diana Artus, Bettina Hutschek: Stories from the City

still from "NEWYORK"
 In June, Before Exhibition Gallery introduces Diana Artus and Bettina Hutschek, German artists.

The Stories from the City exhibition focusing on New York as a surrogate for city and city life and thus proposing works that directly or indirectly are linked to New York. The city to the artists is an imaginary place where people can imagine a better life. The city as place for mental projections, connected to promises, fears, ideals ….   in that way, New York is the image of the “ideal city”, along with: “if you can make it here, you can make it everywhere”, New York embodies the city as a promise where everything is possible.

Bettina Hutschek presents "Letter From Here/ Unmarked Space" and "NEWYORK":

still from "Letter from Here"
Long shots of Brooklyn streetscapes reveal perspectives of streets and sidewalks. A female voice-over is reading a letter to a fictitious grandmother, whose husband’s traces were lost in the United States. The search for this figure becomes a surrogate for the narrative, which deals poetically with the question of desire, projected in the mythical “land of the free”, and in contrast its day-to-day reality. Personal memory and collective memory mix up with fragments of legends and observations of reality. Through this palimpsest of text and image, the city of New York and its myths become an open projection space which is included in the narrative, but at the same time questioned by both fictitious, personal and legendary elements.

Diana Artus presents Nightfall and Inner Outer Space:
The two projects mixed together create an abstract “subway ride” of the posters, which is interrupted once in a while by a little postcard, showing the “mythic image” of the city as a beautiful wish whereas the posters show the “real” city of the everyday. The postcards have a very strong and focused presence through their almost psychedelic colors (= dream, hallucination) – in contrast the posters are black and white and transmit a very urban aesthetics of a broken and dirty reality (= banality, disillusion).

The exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary