Performance-Lecture "NEWYORK" at Altes Finanzamt, Neukölln

Friday, September 16th
Matador PR presents the video-work "NEWYORK" by Bettina Hutschek -
Live Performance-Lecture on Sep 16th, 9PM

„In 2001, the towers collapse. Without previous notice, they disappear into postmodern enormous dust clouds. Following the dust, wild thoughts  are blowing through the streets, horizontally, in memory of the vertical city. This event marks the future.
Since, we can observe a de-compression of time and space, and a growing amount of dust and memory in the atmosphere: April 18th, 2006, 84 F, saturation degree 97%."
(excerpt of performance-lecture)

Eduard Mont de Palol (Girona, 1976)- poet, translator, musician and performer &  Jose Manuel García (Malaga, 1978)- composer, performer and visual artist. They present: "ONE, FIVE, ANOTHER OR TOO MANY" , a sound project by Jose Manuel García, based on the collecting, sintetizatión, accumulation, registry, absorption, metabolization, mixing, overlapping, appropriation,falsification, repercussion, digitalization, analogizatión, personification, concretisation and presentation of two sonorous masses; the speech and the musical appropriation. In their presentation for ALTES FINANZAMT, both artists intercross performance, poetry, acoustic and prerecorded sounds.

Doors open at 20:00
Performances start at 21:00.
How to find us:

Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstraße 7, access through the yard
U7, Rathaus Neukölln