"NEWYORK" at EXHIBITION, 211 Elizabeth Street

a performance-lecture
by Bettina Hutschek
wed, aug 12th @ 8pm

At EXHIBITION, 211 Elizabeth Street, NYC

Update Contributing Artists as of August 6th, 2009
Jon Cuyson, Second Hand, Georgia Sagri, Matteo Norzi and Hilario Isola, Ania Diakoff, Diana Artus, Klara Hobza, Ana Prvački and Boško Bošković, Filip Gilissen, Olivier Babin, Trong Gia Gnuyen, Scott Kiernan, Eve K Tremblay, Debra Warner, Patricia Reed, Amy Patton, Alex Singh, B. Wurtz, Scale Free Network, XLXS, Liz Linden, Christina Linden, Mark Tribe, Sophie Macpherson, Jeff Perkins and João Simões, Indira Sylvia Belissop, Daniel Feinberg / SEMITES Magazine, Liz Magic Laser, with Robert Graner, Debo Eilers, Paul Pagk, with Adrian Dannatt and Eric Mitchell performing, Shinsuke Aso, Gabriel Martinez, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Karl Lydén and Rebecka Thor, Rey Akdogan, David Baumflek, David Levine, Ben Bunch and Sarrita Hunn, Maria Chavez, Marcella Faustini and Donna Huanca, An Te Liu, Loretta Fahrenholz, Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere, Jason Loebs and Patrick Price, Alexis Knowles, Emily Mast and Evan Mast, Adina Popescu, with Michael Portnoy performing, Stefan Saffer

Lucy Gallun 6 August - WORKING NOW IN THE SPACE


BREST : performance-lecture at Chez Bushwick

I am performing my lecture-performance about the city of BREST!

CAKE: Bettina Hutschek & Adriana Young
Saturday, July 25th
7:30 pm

CAKE : When Maps reveal cities
An encounter between Bettina Hutschek and Adriana young

BREST - A performance-lecture by Bettina Hutschek
W h a t S h a p e i s B u s h w i c k ?
An experimental geography collaboration between Liz Kueneke and Adriana Valdez Young


Chez Bushwick is at:
304 Boerum St. #23
Brooklyn, NY 11206


Film screenings
5 - 8PM, June 4th, 2009

Curator: Jan Van Woensel
Coordinator: Eleonora Charans

Ghetto Vecchio 1236
Cannaregio, 30121 Venice


Project: Sung-Hee Chang, Emily Hoover, Amy Keefer, Dustin Kelly, Christine Kesler, Stephanie Lagarde, Elyse Mallouk, Amy Martin, Josh Martinez, Lynne McCabe, Piero Passacantando, Brindalyn Webster

Videos: Vanessa Albury, Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock, Armelle Aulestia, Stephan Balleux, Bosko Blagojevic, Sara Blaylock, Rudi Bogaerts, Dolores Bouckaert & Benny Vandendriessche, Monika Bravo, Fia Cielen, Pierre Clemens, Aoife Collins, Marthe Fortun, Anthony Fuller, Pieter Geenen, Matthew Green, Mark Gubb, Bettina Hutschek, Swati Khurana, Lauren Lavitt, Michael Mallis, Jenny Marketou, David Matorin, Yvette Mattern, Jillian McDonald, Martin Murphy, Rebecca Najdowski, Alexandra Navratil, Ruth Oppenheim, Deniz Ozuygur, Jenny Perlin, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Schepens, Melanie Bellue Schumacher, Tim Segers, Joaquin Segura, Sigga Björg Sigurdardóttir, Eric Van Hove, Ana Wolovick, Frank Zadlo

LAST DAY OF MAGIC Project started as an art and theory workshop at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, during which the artists were confronted with the suggestion that "today you live, tomorrow you'll die, what will you do on your last day (of magic)?" In-group, the artists designed rituals about departure and transformation. The rituals are designed with a personal significance and shamanic purpose. They examine the artist's interpersonal experiences with belief, sacrifice, loss, disappearance, and memory. These rituals were performed on March 28th in Marin County, North of San Francisco, and documented in video. Last Day of Magic was a melancholic journey to the metaphoric edge of the cliff of life where the artists took halt, built a secret community and resided.

LAST DAY OF MAGIC Video is an examination of illusion as well as disillusion that magic provides in culture: the search for the intangible; the revealing of deception, the removal of what's obscuring. Magic changes the perception of reality. Last day of Magic video is a curated film screening about secrets, lies, false beliefs, melancholy, disappearance, tragedy and transgression.


Special thanks to: Doron Polak; Amir Cohen; Aimee Friberg; Jessica Rosen; Ted Purves; Leah Singer; Emily Gonzalez; Alison Beth Levy; Orange Alley Projects, SF; Gallery Extrana, Berkeley; Dorsch Gallery, Miami; brot.undspiele Gallery, Berlin; Galerie Adler, Frankfurt; Gallery Jan Dhaese, Ghent; OCA, Oslo; Arena Mexico Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico; ArtFagCity, NYC; Mireille Mosler Ltd, NYC; ICPAbackstage, NYC

Un-/ Gekerbtes, Lothringer 13

Four videos and an installation

06.05. – 29.05.09
Opening Tuesday 5th Mai 19.30 at the 1st floor of Lothringer13, Munich

The exhibition examines processes and phenomena of encoding and the non-encoded, the focused and the blurred, symbolising and the unsymbolic, the Self and the Other, the discursive and the not-discursive or, to speak with Deleuze/Guattari, the smooth and the striated.

How does symbolic encoding work and what could "to represent reality" mean? Whose narrative strategies lead where and what does that tell us about them? How does one speak about someone/something, without (only) speaking about oneself? On the basis of four videos and an installation (that grows in between the monitors) the exhibition investigates those processes and phenomena and examines their modalities of symbolic encoding.

Thereby, in the works of Noel Douglas, Jakob Hentze, Bettina Hutschek, Céline Lachkar and Andreas Nachtmann documentation meets fiction, auto-referential monologising meets exposure of narrative strategies, analysis of media meets uncoded reality and video meets installation and performance.

curated by Sebastian Stein

Vier Videos und eine Installation

06.05. – 29.05.09
Eröffnung Dienstag 05.Mai ab 19h30 im 1.Stock der Lothringer13

Die Ausstellung untersucht Prozesse und Phänomene des Kodierens und des Nicht-Kodierten, des Scharfen und des Unscharfen, des Symbolisierens und des Unsymbolischen, des Eigenen und des Anderen, des Diskursiven und des Nicht-Diskursiven oder, um mit Deleuze/Guattari zu sprechen, des Glatten und des Gekerbten.

Wie funktioniert symbolische Codierung und was kann „die Realität“ repräsentieren bedeuten? Wessen narrative Strategien führen wohin und was sagt das über wen aus? Wie spricht man über jemanden/etwas, ohne dabei (nur) über sich selbst zu sprechen. Anhand von vier Videos und einer raumgreifenden Installation, die sich zwischen die Monitore schiebt (dazwischenwächst) und so auf gewisse Weise der inhaltlichen auf formaler Ebene entspricht, werden besagte Prozesse und Phänomene verhandelt und auf ihre Modalitäten symbolischer Kodierung hin untersucht.

In den Arbeiten von Noel Douglas, Jakob Hentze, Bettina Hutschek, Céline Lachkar und Andreas Nachtmann trifft dabei Dokumentation auf Fiktion, trifft auto-referentielles Monologisieren auf Entlarvung narrativer Strategien, trifft Medienauslotung auf uncodierte Realität, trifft Video auf Installation und Performance.

kuratiert von Sebastian Stein

"BREST" at Stony Brooks University, April 02, 2009

Exhibition Dates: Monday, March 30 - Saturday, April 5
Gallery Hours: 12-7 daily
SAC Gallery at Stony Brook University

We welcome participants to Recherche, a salon celebrating intertextuality, aesthetic experience, and memory. Recherche brings together the visual arts, the humanities, and the sciences to focus on recherche as suggested in Marcel Proust's tome A la recherche du temps perdu. This graduate student-organized exhibition and conference comes in response to Dr. Julia Kristeva's visit to Stony Brook University to discuss the experience of literature in Proust. Recherche presents the community's own investigation into similar or relevant themes, bringing their works and ideas into dialogue with Professor Kristeva's and Proust's texts.

Bettina Hutschek will present her performance-conference "BREST" on April 02.